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Specialty coffee shop in Malta

One-of-a-kind specialty coffee shop in Sliema, Malta.

At Finca Velez, you can enjoy your cup of coffee in a Colombian-inspired environment. And if you like your cup of coffee, you can buy the same beans directly from us.

What makes our coffee special?

We import our coffee directly

Finca Velez - Our 4 coffesOur coffee is imported directly by us from selected farms in Colombia and sourced from the producers without the middle man. We offer the highest quality arabica grains that are roasted by our team in Manizales, Colombia.

Manizales is a mountain city in the heart of the coffee triangle.

The coffee triangle?

The coffee triangle is an area in Colombia where most of the country’s coffee is produced and where the highest quality grains come from. It is composed of three cities: Manizales, Pereira, and Armenia. All of them are in different departments, which creates the triangle shape on the map.

Hence the name, coffee triangle.

Currently, we import four different varieties from Colombia. And the fabulous four are the following (available on Wolt):


Indigenous Coffee Bag

A very special Arabica of the Colombia variety, with notes of caramel, citrus, and bitter chocolate. Produced by the San Lorenzo Indigenous Reservation in Riosucio, Caldas.


Ermita coffee

Our own darling. Produced by the Velez family in Palestina, Caldas. It yields a subtle and round cup, with hints of caramel and nuts.


Natural coffee bag

An Arabica of the Castillo Genérica variety that has been dried with its skin, to produce a fruity, cacao liquor tasting cup. Produced in Anserma.


Mujeres coffee bag
You probably don’t know this, but we are a women-owned business. And because of this, it made sense to select a women-only produced coffee. Mujeres is an homage to the tenacious ladies who took up the task of growing coffee by themselves. The result is a delicate, caramel, and citrus-tasting cup.

More than just coffee

We also offer high-quality  desserts and freshly baked viennoiseries. Because we know that good coffee should always be paired with a tasty sweet. To make the perfect match in your mouth! And what makes them so special?

Our pastry chef has been trained in the heart of the food capital of the world, Lyon, France, in the renowned Institut Paul Bocuse.

View our Menu for more information about the breakfast and lunch options we have at Finca Velez.