Looking for premium Colombian coffee beans in Malta? Look no further than Finca Velez! We are excited to introduce our new B2B offering, providing businesses in Malta with direct access to exceptional wholesale coffee beans. With our focus on sustainability and superior quality, we bring you the finest coffee beans directly from Colombian coffee farms.

Explore our four different varieties of coffee at our shop: Indigenous, Ermita, Natural, and Mujeres.

Why Choose Colombian Coffee Beans?

Colombian coffee is globally recognised for its excellence. Its unique flavour profiles, grown in the country’s ideal climate and rich volcanic soils, making it a favourite among coffee enthusiasts.
At Finca Velez, we not only produce but we collaborate closely with local farmers, to deliver the finest Colombian coffee beans to your business in Malta.

Wholesale Options: Green Coffee Beans and Single-Origin Roasted Coffee

At Finca Velez, we offer two distinct coffee wholesale options to cater to your business needs:

1. Green Coffee Beans:

Our green coffee beans provide roasters in Malta with the flexibility to create their own signature blends. Sourced directly from Colombia’s coffee farms, these raw, unroasted beans allow you to explore a wide range of flavour possibilities, ensuring a unique and exceptional coffee experience for your customers.

2. Single-Origin Roasted Coffee:

For businesses seeking convenience without compromising on quality, we offer a selection of carefully roasted single-origin Colombian coffees. These expertly roasted beans retain the natural flavours and aromas, capturing the essence of their origin.
Ideal for cafes, restaurants, hotels, and specialty retailers in Malta, these beans guarantee a consistently delightful cup of coffee.

Why Choose Finca Velez?

At Finca Velez, we are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our wholesale coffee business. Here’s why you should choose us:

1. Quality and Sustainability:

We prioritize quality, sustainability, and fair trade practices. By working directly with local Colombian farmers, we ensure the highest quality beans while supporting the communities that cultivate them.

2. Easy Packaging:

We deliver your roasted coffee beans in convenient 2,5 kg bags, so you avoid the hassle of having many small bags around. We also deliver green coffee in green bags, with proper certifications.

3. Collaborative Partnerships:

We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you, if you have specific requirements or need personalised collaborations. We have collaborated with companies like CasinoGrounds, to create a unique coffee blend for their Christmas gift.

4. Unique Products:

At Finca Velez, we know our beans from start to finish because we produce, process, and roast them ourselves. We are the buyers and the suppliers, capable of guaranteeing exceptional bean quality. You will access unique profiles from different farms, unavailable to anybody else on the island.

Experience the Finest Colombian Coffee Beans in Malta with Finca Velez

Discover the unparalleled flavours of Colombian coffee beans through our wholesale offerings. Whether you’re a roaster looking for green coffee beans or a business seeking great single-origin Colombian coffee, Finca Velez is your trusted partner in Malta.
Join us on a journey of flavour, quality, and mutual success!

To explore our wholesale options, learn more about our sourcing process, or initiate a partnership, send us an email at hello@fincavelez.com. Experience the best Colombian coffee beans with Finca Velez in Malta!