Our Colombian Beans that we import

Colombian coffee beans at Finca Velez

If you’re a coffee lover, then you’ve probably heard of Colombian coffee beans!

Known for their rich and bold flavor, they are one of the most sought-after types of coffee in the world. These Colombian coffee beans can now be found in Malta! At Finca Velez, we have the perfect selection of beans to choose from.

Colombian coffee beans

What sets Colombian coffee beans apart is their distinctive flavour profile. They have a medium to full body, with notes of caramel, chocolate, and nuts. This makes them a great choice for those who enjoy a rich and bold coffee experience.


In addition to their flavor, Colombian coffee beans are also highly valued for their sustainability practices. Many Colombian coffee farmers use eco-friendly farming techniques, such as shade-grown coffee, to help protect the environment.

Out finca is not an exception; we import them directly from Colombia to Malta, where our team produces and roasts the beans themselves. High quality, 100% arabica; what else could you wish for? Variety.

At our shop, we offer a good variety of coffee beans to choose from; from light and mild, to strong and acidic, you are sure to receive a coffee cup that you will enjoy.

Get to know our beans

In the heart of every cup of coffee lies its essence – the bean. Each bean tells a story of its origin, the soil where it rooted, the climate it experienced, and the hands that nurtured it. Heres the story of our beans.


Produced by the Velez family in Palestina, Caldas, this medium-roasted, full-bodied

Bean yields a subtle and round cup, with hints of caramel, and nuts. It is a bean we know by heart because it is produced by Eugenio, Maria’s father and all-around coffee aficionado.

La Ermita

And that’s also where the name comes from. Ermita is the Velez family farm in Colombia.

We also offer this bean in Dark Roast and Double Fermentation (100-hour anaerobic + 8-hour aerobic).


A caramel heart with a citrus undertone, this women-produced bean has become a staple for coffee lovers who enjoy a delicate yet balanced Colombian coffee and want something new. Like Ermita, Mujeres also has a full body and a medium roast.


Although one might think “honey” means a sweet and gooey preparation, it is actually the name of one of the processes that we use on our beloved Ermita beans. Eugenio, our producer, leaves the pulp on some of the beans and then dries it without washing it. The result is a rich, amber-colored bean similar to yellow honey. This method also allows for more sugars to naturally ferment in and around the bean, thus making the final beverage more aromatically complex, with less acidity than its natural counterpart.


Produced by a small cooperative of farmers in Anserma, Caldas, the Natural bean is a Castillo Generica variety that has been dried with both the cherry and the pulp, yielding a complex, fruity, cacao liquor reminiscent beverage. It is one of our most popular beans, ideal for filtered methods or French press.


Our family has also began producing the rare Geisha variety beans, which are ideal for higher altitudes in the tropics. Despite it not being your typical pricey citrusy variety known all over the world, our Geisha is a high-acidity, crisp, and tangy bean ideal for cold beverages (like our cold brew).